What I am drinking today: Bonnievale Cellar, cabernet shiraz 2010

when I first started drinking wine before the birth of the rainbow nation ( much in the news after the sad death of Nelson Mandela) South African wines were largely absent from the supermarket shelves, least that’s how I remember it. Scince then there has been an explosion of imports so much that many shelves will be reserved for wines of south Africa. it has developed a reputation for steely dry wines from chenin blanc and has its own signature red varietal in pinotage.
  I have always been unsure of buying wines from here unless I was sure of the ethics of the  producers. Farming and land rights is a delicate political issue, an approch you can argue doesn’t help the wider economy economy so harms all.
I got this wine as part of an introductory case from new merchant rude wines  http://www.rudewine.co.uk . It comes from Bonnievale Cellar’s premium range. Its from Robertson a district of the breed river valley.


its a blend of cabernet sauvignon and shiraz ( pictured above) very much a new world marriage. The great vine of the medoc and the star of hermitage began their courtship in Australia , hence the Australian synonym, and I must say they make a very complimentary couple!
As soon as it hits the glass you get the deep purple colour with aromas of spicy dark fruit. I definatly got a tell tale hint of pepper so often seen with shiraz but also some ripe fruit and vanilla from some oak treatment . The finish was quite smooth all un all a very pleasant drop definatly one to have again.


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