wine review

What am I drinking today: Caoba Torrentes, Los Haroldos

In todays ever increasing or should I say broadening wine market “new world” countries always seem keen to find that destintive style or varietal that aliwys them to stand out from the crowd. New Zealand has sauvignon, Australia has shiraz , South Africa has pinotage ( I did listen to a very eloquent podcast recenty that preached the virtues of chenin as the national grape of SA?) . Similar to South Africa Argentina has two candidates for its defining grape the red malbec or the white torrontes. As you might suspect until very recently Argentinan torrentes was thought to be the galician torrentes due to the number of migrants from that part of Spain. Today however with the use of csi style  dna fingerprint technology it is actually a crossing of muscat of Alexandria with mission ( a Spanish variety introduced by catholic migrants to produce sacremental wine) so is considered as Argentinan. So how does this national grape fare?
I got this one from addisons wines
a midlands based merchant.


Great aroma and a bunch of fruit flavours with good acid balance there’s no oak here with lovely crisp finish this is a bargain and one I will definatly have again!