wine review

What am I drinking today: Intipalka tannat 2012

Pisco Pisco!! that’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Peru ( notwithstanding the dispute with Chile over the provenace of the term) .For people of my generation Paddington bear would be the most recognizable Peruvian export , not a source of top quality table wine. I have read many an article predicting the next big thing in the wine world and a good many have mention this south American paradice as worthy of the moniker and if this wine is typical of what they can produce I would concour!

In its ancestral home of Madiran in the south west  of France tannat has a reputation for an almost untamable tannic monster but here in the South”valley of the sun” its a very different story .
The winery has been family run for 3 generations and at the turn of the century invested in a major modernization program .
Well that’s the background what of the wine? well its definatlly worth the wine Deep colour bags of ripe fruit aromas its in the mouth where this wine really packs a punch. A beautiful structure of well rounded tannins, lots of fruit flavours almost velvetyfeel and a long finish. Its a knockout!